Susceptibility to Demons

 I believe it would be in order to point out that various people are not equally susceptible to demonic attack. It has been observed repeatedly that individuals vary in their sensitivity to inroads by demons.

For example, someone who has been deeply ensnared by the evil spirits behind rock music but has secured deliverance will tend to be very sensitized in that area. When I hear rock music, I am only annoyed by the noise, the disharmony and irritating character of it. However, when someone who has been delivered from the demons of the music is exposed to it, they come under various forms of attack, ranging from depression to headaches. Because music has a power ability to recall former experiences to mind, it can constitute a medium by which the enemy can bring back many sordid and sinful things from the past.

It works the same in many areas where deliverance has been obtained. In those involving sexual temptation, what bothers one person and triggers all sorts of attacks, may leave another totally unaffected. Here we have to be sensitive to our brother’s needs and weaknesses.

Like a person coming out of major surgery, a person who has experienced massive deliverance will tend to be sensitive in those areas for a time as he is receiving a spiritual healing. Possibly in the future he will not be so affected by old pursuits and temptations, but in the beginning he must be very careful not to open himself to fresh attack. We do not advise coddling people, but to give them extra help and support in a time of real need is another thing.

Win Worley

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