The Disney Occult Deception – Part 2

Part 2 Walt Disney the Man

Walt Disney himself is rumored to have been adopted from an abusive home. Whether that is true or not, he lost his mother or adoptive mother when she died from asphyxiation due to faulty workmanship in a house that he had bought her.

It is easy to find information that Walt Disney was not only a pedophile who liked little boys but a satanist, a type of male witch, a 33rd-degree freemason and member of the Illuminati. Although records proving these many of allegations are not available, there is enough substantial evidence to back up these theory from pictures and testimonies. It is certainly fact that he was a member of DeMolay as there are pictures available online of him in a Demolay uniform.

It should also be mentioned that DeMolay Chapters are not a separate organization from Freemasonry; rather, they are apart of it. It is the youth organization of the Craft, just like Rainbow girls are associated with the Eastern Star. Here is what their own website said, “DeMolay Chapters are sponsored by the Masons through local Masonic Lodges, Shrine Clubs, Scottish Rite bodies and other Masonic organizations.” Therefore, DeMolay Chapters are run by masons. That means Walt Disney was schooled in the art of Masonic doctrine. He had a basic understanding of Masonry and he more than likely sought out further Masonic knowledge; and he most certainly appreciated his lessons, which guided him throughout his life and his good works.


Walt grew up fascinated with the occult. He was also in an abusive home situation. He was fascinated with cartoons, nature and children. He had an intuitive sense for quality cartoons that would appeal to children. At some point, the syndicate got him indebted to them. At that point he was their man. He owed them a debt that they held over him. In secret, Walt became a porn king. A victim remembers that he was sadistic and enjoyed snuff porn films. His interest in children was far from altruistic.

Disney is supposedly a family-oriented company, but it has often been accused of inserting sexual innuendos into its cartoons. Some believe that Walt Disney, himself an alleged practitioner of the occult and closely connected to the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, was directed by his Illuminati masters to corrupt the youth, make them more promiscuous and help destroy the traditional family model.

It is also rumored that the Illuminati commissioned the production of Fantasia, a popular Monarch mind-control programming tools.

“Manasseh sacrificed his sons in the fire in the Valley of Hinnom. He practised sorcery, divination, and witchcraft, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did great evil in the sight of the LORD, provoking Him to anger.”

Shown below is a famous picture of Walt Disney at the Owl’s Nest camp in Bohemian Grove, a summer camp attended every year by famous Satanists, in 1967, flanked by future US presidents, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. On the right is a picture of the owl statue “Moloch” at Bohemian Grove, presiding over an altar created for human sacrifices.

At Walt Disney World there is a ‘secret’ exclusive club called Club 33, the only place at Disneyland where alcohol can be bought. Lavishly furnished, Club 33 contains an amazing collection of top-notch Disney movie memorabilia, a beautiful reproduction antique French glass lift, and a gruesome trophy hunting collection.

There are many rooms and exclusive areas within the club and elsewhere at Walt Disney World with various levels of access that are strictly controlled. According to one Club 33 member, there is a $25,000 to $100,000 initiation fee and $12,500 to $30,000 annual fee, depending on the level of membership. There is said to be a 14 year waiting list for membership which is by invite only. Clearly, Club 33 is a place only for the connected rich.

Club 33 was said to have been originally designed as a place for Walt Disney to entertain guests and business associates, but he died from lung cancer at 67, only six months before it was officially opened. Club 33 is said to be a Freemasonic club and ’33’ is certainly a number that is very important to freemasons.

Pictures of Club 33 show the trademark black and white chequered floor, and other indicators of freemasonry – which is essentially witchcraft.

Disney’s first character was Mickey Mouse, voiced by Walt Disney himself from 1927 right up to 1947. Mickey Mouse is perhaps best known as the apprentice wizard left to take care of the wizard’s workshop while he is away in the “The Sorceror’s Apprentice”

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  1. Fooled billions didnt he. Or I should sat “it”didnt know he made porno ,liked snuff films. Makes sense though. Any kids dissappear from the grounds at disneyland?necer to be seen again?

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