The Importance of Listening + Flexibility

One of the most important priorities in healing and deliverance ministry is to remember to put first the person who comes to us for help. Take time to listen to the person (what he or she is saying, or Not saying), to pay attention, to listen to the Holy Spirit, and follow where He leads. Even if it seems like you should go in a direction different from any that you have gone before.
 We might put physical healing first, or save it for last. Same for dealing with various dark spirits. It is all-important to let God show us what order to use the various tools in our toolbox.
 Depending on the person’s needs, we might focus on the strongholds that have kept the person in fear, bitterness or sin. We might ask a lot of questions, and then pray & deal with any spirits after each question is answered.
 We might spend time talking through the background of traumas or broken relationships, and praying for healing of the whole person. These traumas and troubles can keep a person broken and vulnerable to more hurt, or to demonic oppression.
 In short, we have a lot to offer hurting people – Prayer (physical or emotional healing, spiritual peace), doing spiritual warfare in the person’s behalf, deliverance, encouragement, counsel, teaching, interceding, and more.
 How we combine these tools from our toolbox will reflect our ministry style and philosophy, and will vary from one ministry to another. Do not be concerned about whether your style is similar to that of another ministry – be yourself!
 Next time I hope to discuss another alternative approach that we learned last week. Thanks to all for questions, comments suggestions.

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