The Shape of Water, Hollywood and Sex with Marine Spirits

Those at Hollywood, AKA Hellwood, seem to be in competition with each other on how disgusting and occult their themes can be. It seems that the public in general are now so desensitised and the floodgates to the demonic realm so wide open – that movies can be about everything and still be perceived as beautiful and interesting, combined with the right music and visual effects.

The Shape of Water won best movie at the Academy Awards in 2017. It clearly promotes sexual relations with demonic creatures. Of course this is promoted as a “Beauty and the Beast” type story of misunderstood and agonising individuals being “liberated” by “love”…(sound familiar according to what is politically correct these days…?.)

The main character of the movie is a woman who masturbates in a bath tub and who falls in love with a water monster dragged up from a South American River and kept as a prisoner in the Government laboratory where she works… They become lovers – there is even sex between the ugly monster and the woman.

What this represents is very clearly Marine Spirits – demons residing in water – and the Succubus and the Incubus spirit. A very real phenomenon of people having sex with demons – and thereby of course being overtaken/possessed by demons.

Anna Nicole Smith

In the past couple of years there has been an increase in movies and tv series about having sexual relations with creatures from the demonic realm. Some people in the entertainment industry have even bragged publically about sex with demons.

There are many layers to what it means that perversion like this has not only quickly become somewhat tolerated in our society – but now even winning awards and accolades. Things are happening fast!

The essential agenda of this movie – from a spiritual perspective – is to make “love” between people and all kinds of creatures – including animals, hybrids, demons and demonic entities in the form of so-called extraterrestrials/aliens – seem exciting and acceptable. Notice how much this sea monster’s face look like the “grey aliens” and the Reptilian? It’s interesting how FAST demonic sex went from beautiful vampires in the Twilight series to now not even have to be beautiful to be enticing!

Satan Doesn’t Even Have To Play Dress Up Anymore.

Apparently the Kingdom of Darkness found it was time for the public to embrace this ugliness and the timing seemed perfect. The Academy Award for best movie and the earnings of this movie speaks for itself. According to Forbes magazine the movie has earned more than $ 55.3 million already – and that number is in the US alone.

The really sad thing is that this spiritual junk is so dangerous. The fact is that these movies which combine sexuality and occultism not only break down barriers on a intellectual level, but can bring demonic possession.

This means that one movie can influence millions of lives to worship Satan unknowingly and their lives be taken over by evil powers. And since the Church – the body of Messiah on the earth – is hardly even speaking up about these things and much less doing any real deliverance anymore – Hollywood, the entertainment industry and its evil agenda now controls the world.

More and more people are being attacked by sexual/unclean spirits in their dreams and in their awake time. Many are embarrassed to talk about it. Some even enjoy it – until they become victims of bondage so real that is becomes painful to be enslaved. At this point it is already too late for some to repent because they allowed themselves to be taken over.

Others don’t know that they are under the influence of unclean spirits in their lives, because they don’t have any extreme experiences in their dreams or at night. But their sexuality is unhappy and unfulfilled or messed up – and they don’t see the connection between what they have sowed into it (what they have watched throughout their lives or what their wife/husband has watched).

What we hear and what we see become our thoughts and emotions which become our actions. And unclean spirits affect much than our sexual identity. They can go deep into the core of our lives and cause severe emotional problems, confusion and failure in other areas of life as well.

The rampant rise of mental illness such as psychosis and schizophrenia is also to a large degree caused by demonic spirits. It is so important that we talk to our young children and help them completely avoid this kind of entertainment.

If you have watched any of these types of movies – and/or any kind of pornography – you need to renounce it, repent and go through deliverance to take back full control of your mind, emotions and sexuality.

By doing spiritual house cleaning, by repentance, by deliverance and by pleading the blood of Jesus and standing on the Word it is possible to CLOSE the door completely to attacks and infiltration by these unclean spirits. You also need to have your mind washed clean from the memories/images of what you have seen.

Article by Camilla Rosa Eriksen repost by Dana Emanuel. Source

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