The Spirit of Ahab

Ahab is the permissive spirit that allows Jezebel to take control. He is the authority figure who gives her authority to operate. The Ahab personality can be masculine, but he is passive towards the Jezebel spirit.

This article addresses recognizing, breaking, ministry, deliverance and Biblical references to this spirit. Remember, the Ahab spirit is not just a man nor is the Jezebel spirit a woman. A spirit does not have a gender but they do have an agenda and they want to operate in your life.

🛑 Recognizing the Ahab Spirit when operating through a person.

🔷 Too Lenient vs. too harsh.
Person tends to be very lenient, overlooking other peoples’ faults. They do not confront others for misbehavior. This almost certainly guarantees the Jezebel’s continued abusive behavior.

🔷 Walking away from a person vs. walking all over a person.
Person gives away their authority to Jezebel and walks away in order to avoid conflict and confrontations. They find it easier to push their feelings inside.

🔷Avoiding confrontation vs. in-your-face confrontation.
Person will avoid confrontation at all costs and will even blame themselves and others when the Jezebel personality attacks them.

🔷 Peace at all costs vs. peace breakers
Ahab in operation causes a person to want peace at any price. They will avoid confrontation to have temporary peace in their household rather than boldly dealing with the issues at hand, which would result in more permanent, long-term peace.
Grumbling under one’s breath vs. open verbal abuse.

🔷 Person resents verbal assaults from Jezebel personalities. But refuses to take the offender to task and stop the behavior. Instead, they usually walk away grumbling.

🔷 Ahab takes blame to win peace vs. confrontation
There is such a need for peace that the person will take the blame for anything if it will avoid confrontation.

🔷 Fear of nonacceptance vs. fear of rejection.
Person will do almost anything to gain acceptance, especially of the Jezebel personality.

🔷 Ahab clothed in nice.
Ahab personalities are usually extremely nice people. They have low self-worth and try to gain ground by winning acceptance, especially of the Jezebel.

🔷 Fear of Jezebel vs. Fear of rejection.
The Ahab spirit causes great fear of the wrath of the Jezebel personality. Therefore, the person spends amazing amounts of energy trying to please Jezebel. Even when justified, he will not disagree with the Jezebel personality.

🔷 Anger directed inward.
Person direct angers and insults from the Jezebel back at themselves. If something goes wrong and the temporary peace is shattered, they blame themselves. They often have anger issues and will ultimately become passive-aggressive.

🔷 Accepting blame too easily.
Person will quickly embrace blame in a situation in order to put everyone else at ease, especially Jezebel. This is actually a kind of a false humility, with the goal of making others happy in order to keep the peace and increase their self-worth.

🛑 Biblical References

🎚1 Kings 16:29-34

Ahab was king over Israel. In an effort to consolidate his kingdom, Ahab married Jezebel. Jezebel was the daughter of the king of the Sidonians. This king was a Baal worshipper and so was Jezebel. Queen Jezebel manipulated, intimidated and controlled Ahab. Even though she was not king, she had all the power of the king, because she controlled the king. She instituted Baal worship in Israel and brought much misery into the kingdom.

🎚God Dealt with Ahab & Jezebel 1 Kings 22:34 – Ahab dies in battle

King Ahab was at war with the Armenians. A soldier randomly shot at the army of Israel and hit Ahab between the joints of his armor.

🎚2 Kings 9:6-10 – Jehu anointed as King

Jehu was anointed by God to come against Jezebel and all of Ahab’s family. Jehu was a man of courage and action. To ensure that the spirit of Ahab cannot return, it has to be replaced with a Jehu, or righteous man of legitimate authority, willing to act.
Note that God had Jehu anointed to wipe out all descendants of Ahab, so that this spirit would not perpetuate through the generations. Ahab must be dealt with generationally.

🎚2 Kings 9:30-37 – The Death of Jezebel

Jehu ran down and killed Jezebel in Jezreel, where she had escaped. Her protection was destroyed and she was vulnerable to attack.

🎚Revelation 2:22-23 – Message to Church of Thyatira

The church was told to deal with Jezebel. Or God would throw her on a bed of suffering, along with her supporters and strike her children dead. This is what God did in 2 Kings. It is most effective for a ministry, family or business to deal with both the Ahab and Jezebel spirits at the same time. However, this is not always realistic.

🛑 How To Break the Ahab Spirit

The person must first recognize that he has allowed the Ahab spirit to operate through him.
He must repent that he has come into agreement with the Ahab spirit. Repent means a change of mind, which results in a change in outward actions, turning away from sin to move towards God and righteousness.

The person should fast and pray for his own strengthening and for the Jehu anointing to come upon him. He is also fasting to weaken the Jezebel spirit.

The person must make a visible change in his personality and throw off all Ahab characteristics. It is time for him to lovingly, but firmly, set himself in his rightful place of authority.

This prayer and fasting is not to go on and on waiting a miraculous change in the Jezebel personality. The prayer and fasting is to prepare the person to take charge of his house, ministry, business, etc.

🛑 Ministry for Deliverance from Ahab Spirit

🔶 Pray the following prayer of repentance, out loud:

Father God, I recognize that I have allowed the spirit of Ahab in my life. I recognize that I have tolerated the spirit of Jezebel and allowed it to operate. I recognize that I have empowered the spirit Jezebel by allowing Ahab to operate.

I now repent for and renounce all aspects of the spirit of Ahab: Ahab thinking, attitudes, emotions, habits and actions. I now renounce and rebuke the spirit of Ahab. I ask for forgiveness and that the curses be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ.

🔸 Cast out the following spirits that operate with the Ahab Spirit:














🔸Seducing spirits

🔸Abdication of Authority






🔸Matriarchal Control

🔶 Break the curse of the Jezebel spirit. Speak the following out loud:

🔸Father God, I now take authority over all curses coming from the Jezebel spirit and I break them. I cancel their assignment on my life and call them all null and void, in the name of Jesus Christ.

🔶 Cancel the curse of great tribulation and all:







♦️Cancel the curse of death and destruction and all of its assignments on your life.

♦️Cancel the curses of infirmity, sickness and disease and their assignments on your life.

♦️ Pray that a Jehu anointing come upon you. Pray for bold courage to take your authority back, as God intended.

♦️ Give Thanks.

I thank you Lord, for the healing and deliverance that has taken place in my life. I give you all the praise and glory. Fill me now Lord, with more of your Holy Spirit and help me to stay free, in Jesus name.


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