The Spirit of Belial

Dealing With the Spirit of Belial

Why are some Christian men failing in their responsibility at home and in the Church while their wives are laboring to fulfill such men’s role at home? The cause of this is the Belial spirit. Wherever you see Belial ruling you will see Dragon, Jezebel, Mammon and all kinds of evil spirits in operation. Belial is like a gate keeper of men’s souls for Satan, mobilizing spirits for the powers of darkness.

Belial in Hebrew is derived from two root words. The first word Be-lee’ means failing, lack, delay, corruption, destruction while the second Ya’al means ascend, valuable, useful, benefited, profitable, can do good. When these two root words are combined it means without profit, worthless.

What Belial does is to make a man who is supposed to be fruitful, fruitless, worthless, useless and unprofitable either spiritually and otherwise. The grand aim and purpose of Belial is to make a man fruitless and a complete failure either as a Christian, husband or as provider for his home. All manifestations of Belial point to failure and destruction.

If Belial is working in a man and making that man irresponsible, drunken, rebellious, obstinate, profane, his aim is to bring failure to that man, his family, and to God’s purpose for him. The men of Belial are selfish and only concerned about themselves as Belial causes men to be selfish and unconcerned about others. Those influenced and controlled by Belial are inconsiderate and unthoughtful about the needs and condition of others. Belial is a spirit that will cause increasingly cold love (to be pitiless, ruthless, have no compassion, have no pity, show no mercy, and harden one’s heart), iniquity and lawlessness to abound.

Belial’s work is to cause men to commit sins that are so vile and contemptible that they rouse moral indignation. Belial attempts to draw people away from worshipping the true God. Under Belial are spirits that will seduce people and draw them away from the Lord. One of the works of Belial is to bring uncleanness into the temple of God.

Men (or women) in the ministry are a target of this spirit. Belial desires to draw the servant of the Lord, His anointed, into sin (especially sexual sin) to bring reproach to the church. Those controlled by Belial will despise the Lord’s anointed. Belial will cause individuals to not support men and women sent by the Lord. They will withhold their financial support. It is important to honor and respect those who are called and sent by the Lord.

The aim of the Sons of Belial who rose against Saul when he was newly enthroned king over Israel was to make him fail by withdrawing their support and services to him. When a people are instigated to rise against leaders by this spirit, the aim is to make such leaders and whatever God has given them to do to fail. I have heard people say, “We will see how he will succeed without us.” This is one of the ways Belial manifests to fight against leaders and the purpose of God they carry. The goal of Belial is to make you a failure. This is equally true of the goal of Belial in the family and the church; to promote irresponsibility and rebellion.

When God began to address this issue in men, it was hinged on the fact that they were not fulfilling their roles both at home and in the Church. It was initially believed that they didn’t just want to perform their duties until the Lord began to indicate that many of them were under the influence of Belial spirit and that was the reason they were failing in their responsibility at home and finding it difficult to give to God and to His work as they ought to do.

Belial hates the Lord’s anointed. Belial desires to murder and destroy the Lord’s anointed. Preachers and teachers anointed by God are a hindrance to Belial’s work. Godly leaders call all men to repentance and a lifestyle of righteousness. They bring deliverance and restoration to the people of God. They are a restraining influence on the work of Belial.

Belial has released a flood of ungodliness (denying God or disobedient to Him: impious, irreligious, contrary to moral law, sinful, wicked) upon the nations. Belial is responsible for the flood of ungodliness manifested through Hollywood, television, and the mass media. Belial is responsible for rebellion and disobedience to God. This spirit has caused many to be irreligious and impious. A lack of reverence (no fear of God) is the result of Belial’s influence. Belial desires to cover the Earth with filth and immorality. This flood also includes the persecution that comes against the Lord’s anointed.

Belial causes men to plan and plot that which is evil. There are people involved in forms of witchcraft that are planning to destroy the Church. We have heard reports of witches fasting to break up marriages of Christian leaders and to disrupt the Church. Belial will influence men to plot against the righteous. The mind of Belial is lawlessness and rebellion.

Where there is no law, people run wild. A society that rejects the Bible as its moral authority will eventually have problems with its judicial system. Belial hates the restraining power of the Bible, the Holy Spirit and the Church. This is why he attacks them so viciously.

If Belial cannot directly control a person, he will influence him through ungodly association. Associating with the wrong people can cause an individual to receive an evil transfer of spirits. One of the keys to being delivered from Belial’s control is to break every ungodly soul tie and obey the Word of God. Belial is tied to unrighteousness, darkness, infidels, and idolatry. The first reference to Belial in the Word of God ties him to idolatry.

The believer is not to touch the unclean (dirty and filthy). Belial is associated with uncleanness. There are unclean spirits attached to behaviors or objects that are unclean. Witchcraft spirits are often directly under the strongman Belial.

  • The Belial spirit will allow a man to be willing but unable to perform that which he wills to do.     
  • Belial has prevented many Christians from ascending higher in the things of God.
  • As many as are under this spirit can be delivered today. All they need to do is to recognize his operations in their lives and seek God’s help.

Wastefulness, stinginess, drunkenness, profanity, immorality, rebellion, contentions, division, love of self more than of God, disregard for authority are some of the manifestations of this spirit in a person’s life. Sons of Belial have no regard for God’s word or His authority. In the midst of the righteous they will still do evil. When this spirit takes over a man he makes him extremely concerned about himself and himself alone. His family, the people of God, the work of God, and the purpose of God even for his life are not his concern. He may pay lip service to them but they are not his priority. His priority is how he may satisfy himself. Selfishness and self-centeredness become the driving force of his life.

At this time and moment the Lord is calling our attention to look closely into our lives and examine the way we are living. Are we living for God or for Belial? You should ask yourself this “Why am I facing the spiritual/financial challenges I am facing now in my life? Why these failures? Is it because I have given room for Belial in my life by rebelling against God and God’s authority? Is it because I am contentious and divisive, using my tongue wrongly through gossip, backbiting and murmuring? Am I a lover of myself more than of God and His people? Have I become so engrossed with my own personal comfort that I no longer care about my family and the family of God?

Belial’s influence in our lives must be destroyed. We must not give him any more chance in our lives and family.

What then must we do to demote Belial?

  1.  Repent– The first thing we must do is to repent. Repentance is more than shedding tears and muttering words to express how sorry you are. Repentance is an action. To repent means to make a U-turn. If God has convicted you and revealed to you that belial is in operation in your life, you must first acknowledge it and confess to God. Beyond confession, you must show forth fruit worthy of repentance.
  2. Fight– Belial is one of the principalities that fights the Church and God has given us authority to fight and to defeat him. Stand by that authority and renounce him and his operations in your life. Raise the sword of the Spirit against him and destroy his works in your life and your family.
  3. Walk it out— Deliberate that you will walk contrary to the life and dictates of this spirit by choosing to give, to submit and to flee from anything that may bring you back into bondage to Belial.

Prayer to Loose Yourself 

Father, I repent for allowing the strongman of Belial and his demons to operate in my life and I bind the strongman of Belial and every other strongman.

I loose myself from all relationships that are not ordained by God, all relationships that are not of the Holy Spirit but of the flesh, all relationships that are based on control, domination, manipulation, lust, and deception.

I loose all the members of my body including my mind, memory, eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet, and entire sexual character from all lust, perversion, sexual impurities, uncleanness, lavishness, promiscuity, pornography, fornication, homosexuality, fantasy, filthiness, burning passions, and uncontrollable sexual drive.

I loose myself from all effects of bad and painful memories and memories of the past that would hinder my present, and future.

I bind and I loose myself from all occult involvements, sorcery, divination, witchcraft, psychic inheritance, rebellion, all confusion, sickness, disease, infirmity, death, and destruction as a result of any and all occult involvements, knowing and unknowing.

I take authority and loose my emotions from every evil spirit and every Belial spirit that has come into my life as a result of experiences of my past, disorder, carnal order, idols, mindsets, and strongholds.

I loose myself from all hurt, deep hurt, pain, sadness, grief, anger, hatred, rage, bitterness, fear, all bondage, and blocked emotions.

I command these spirits to come out of me now and I decree freedom to my emotions.

I loose my mind from all spirits of mind control, confusion, mental bondage, insanity, madness, deaf and dumb, fantasy, passivity, intellectualism, ignorance, mind binding, lust, evil thinking, fear, guilt, shame, condemnation, self righteousness, selfishness, self condemning, legalism, and religious spirits.

I loose my will from all controlling domination, manipulation, and exaggeration, from Satan, his demons, and other people; all lust, rebellion, stubbornness, pride, self will, selfishness, and anti-submissive spirits that block and hinder my will.

I break and loose myself from all chains around my will.

From this day forward, I submit my will, my spirit, my soul, my body, my mind, and my emotions to Christ Jesus. I command all these spirits to go to the pit and never return and I decree all this in the Name of Jesus!


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6 thoughts on “The Spirit of Belial”

  1. This one article has changed my life. You have given me the opportunity to understand what I have been missing all along to have a perfect walk with my Father. The prayer was just the words I was looking for. I did add upon them to include that the LORD not only loose me from… but that he also keep me from wandering back in the direction of all the things that hinder my FREEDOM and WALK WITH GOD. Thank you for your time and effort put into your publication. I pray that it reaches every lost child of God. I have already and will be sharing it. – Quincy

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  3. God bless you richly for this article. I have indeed been delivered of this spirit that has manipulated, dominated and controlled my life – all my life basically. Thank you

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