There are Two Faces of Freemasonry:

🔵 Public (above ground) and

🔴 Private (underground)

🔵 Public Face: Believes in a “Supreme Being”

🔴 Private Face: Believes in Universalism (all gods are invited – Universalists) Freemasons do not allow the name of Jesus to be used in the Lodge.

🔵 Public Face: Claims to improve oneself and help fellow man

🔴 Private Face: Aim is to “enlighten” its initiates to learn the “secret mysteries” of the Universe.

🔵 Public Face: “Not a religion…reaches across all religious traditions”

🔴 Private Face: IS a religion due to its oaths, doctrines/tenets, rituals, worship practices, etc.

🔵 Public Face: Not a cult or secret sect because of all the literature available.

🔴 Private Face: – They are bound, upon oath, to keep secrets, therefore they can’t admit it. Also, upon passing the 3rd degree of the Blue Lodge they learn that the higher they go in the degrees, the more secrets they learn which are unattainable to the first initiates.

🔵 Public Face: Told that the organization was started mid 1700’s through a gild of stone masons as a way to hone their “craft”

🔴 Private Face: The term “Freemasonry” originated around then, but the belief system can be traced all the way back to the Crusades and even further to the pagan religions of Egypt, India and mainly ISLAM.

🔵 Public Face: The symbolism and dress is purely “fun” and illustrates their loyalty to one another and their craft.

🔴 Private Face: The symbolism draws from ancient pagan rituals which represent core beliefs in humanism, deism, Gnosticism and other occultic teachings. (Example: The cross is astronomical, pointing 4 directions to the universe – NOT a symbol of Jesus’ atoning work)

🔵 Public Face: Laying cornerstones “blesses” businesses, schools, churches

🔴 Private Face: Laying cornerstones, with their rituals and oaths, places a spiritual claim on the land and place it under the Masonic obligations.

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