Understanding And Dealing With Fear

Over the past few months we have been understanding more deeply the power of fear. Fear can seriously hinder our progress in the Spirit and,
over time, even work to contribute to sickness and disease.
Fear is a major stronghold for many people, even believers. Fear can come into a person for trauma or abuse, or when brought up in a loveless home. Either way, this can impede one’s ability to give and receive love. Fear of man is a powerful snare that impedes many areas of life.
Fear strips out faith
Fear agrees with the Enemy
Fear impedes our ability to hear from God
Fear leads us to agree with the enemy
Fear makes us doubt what God said in his word
Fear leads to stress and worry
Fear wraps its claws around us
Fear squeezes our life out of us
Fear is like Python, squeezing out our life
Fear paralyzes us
Fear makes us dream and visualize disaster
Fear makes us put ourselves in bondage
Fear takes us out of prayer and the Word
Dear Lord, I repent for allowing fear to control me, and I ask you to release me from its grasp. I renounce the spirit of fear and all agreements that I have made with it. I rebuke the spirit of fear and other spirits that work along with it. I tell you to leave me alone.
Dear Father, please fill me with the Holy Spirit and your precious grace,
so that I am no longer influenced by the spirit of fear. Please heal me from all of its effects. I receive all of the healing and wholeness that Christ gives through his life, death and resurrection. Help me to bring others out of the bondage of fear, so that we can be free. Amen.

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