Understanding and Dealing With Strongholds

The little foxes spoil the vineyards… Song of Solomon 2:15
Strongholds are stubborn, well entrenched patterns of thoughts, emotions and spiritual oppressions that can frustrate or paralyze a person to the point where they can’t effectively live in the Spirit. These cycles and thought patterns can become overwhelming, and cut off our normal God-given freedom and creativity. They often start with slow seductions that can affect various parts of our being:

♦️Deception: The person senses small inclinations to accept little lies or deceptions, false beliefs, unhealthy habits or practices known not to be blessed by the Holy Spirit. This can be accompanied by small, then increasingly deep deceptions, and they can take over more deeply.

♦️Sin: Small moral or ethical compromises arise that grow deeper over time. These are then aided by small, then increasingly deep compromises, and they take over.

♦️Toxic relationships and circumstances: The person experiences unhealthy emotional responses to hurts and traumas can that over time lead to patterns of fear, rejection, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness. These unhealthy responses start small, then go increasingly deep, and they can gradually take over a person’s emotional and spiritual responses to many situations.

These strongholds can only be broken by careful, prayerful deliverance, either a thorough self-deliverance or a guided deliverance ministry session. Here are some of the areas that need to be dealt with and how:
🔷 Sin: Careful confession and renunciation of every sin that the Holy Spirit brings to mind. Break all agreements with sinful habits, until they are all cleared out.
🔷 Deception: Repent of following all false teaching, false religious or spiritual practices, any spirits other than the Holy Spirit of God the Father. Break off any spirits that are associated with any false teachings or streams. Renounce any agreements with any false teachings or practices.
🔷 Relationships / circumstances: Forgive anyone who has been connected with emotional hurt, trauma, tension. Forgive and release them totally, and make sure to forgive self, and God if necessary. Pray for healing of traumas, misunderstandings, relational tensions and stresses. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any other areas that needs healing or forgiveness.
Ask the Holy Spirit if anything else needs to be repented of, forsaken, forgiven, released. Ask Him if there are any generational or ancestral strongholds that are not immediately apparent. Ask about any generational altars of demonic or Lucifer worship or witchcraft; any ancestral history of satanic dedications, sacrifices or rituals. If any are revealed, repent for them, forgive the participants, destroy the demonic altars and cleanse the bloodline.

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