Understanding & Ministering in Situations with Trauma

Almost everyone has been through trauma, but not many people will realize that trauma has affected them deeply. It is important to understand and recognize this, because trauma damages the person’s entire being, and the resulting damage gives demons a place to come and settle in and make trouble.

Demons come according to the sort of trauma that happened and the effect it has had on the person. For example, betrayal will often bring demons of bitterness, and physical injuries often attract spirits of infirmity or depression.

Examples of traumas would include a: car crash, divorce, miscarriage, abortion, mugging, rape, verbal or other abuse, betrayal, death of a loved one, church hurts, shocking health diagnosis, parents’ divorce, being put up for adoption, bankruptcy, and so many more.

Everyone reacts differently to trauma. Let’s picture someone getting unexpectedly terminated from their job, or being in an automobile accident. Different people will have different reactions to the same event. Some people are ultra-sensitive, others much less so. One person could more or less shrug it off, while another could feel like going into hibernation for a week or more.

The results of these experiences often include oppression by the spirit of death, the spirit of fear or the spirit of infirmity entering. This often results in nightmares, hurts, emotions, bad memories, panic attacks or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Various other responses can be seen after trauma: bitterness and unforgiveness, ungodly judgments, escape mechanisms, defense mechanisms, isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts, rage, alienation, emotional numbness, anxiety reactions, exaggerated startle response, intrusive thoughts.

An important point to recall is that trauma can occur at any time in one’s life, starting from the moment of conception to the present, and can have either a major or minor effect. As deliverance ministers, we pray for healing of the traumas, and evict any demons that have come to trouble the person as a result.

One important result of trauma can be dissociation, in which our minds respond to trauma by compensating so that our everyday conscious awareness is not overwhelmed. Dissociation may take many forms, ranging from a modest and sporadic inability to recall conversations or events, to intermittent sensations of detachment from situations, all the way to experiencing another personality or identity within oneself that interacts with oneself or others.

When there is a history of trauma, we will usually select one episode (often the earliest) for healing prayer, so that the trauma is no longer a source of pain, and this will also result in it no longer being something that demons can utilize for oppression.

Be careful to note that someone who’s gone through trauma may have lingering forgiveness issues. If the trauma resulted from someone else’s actions, there may be a need to release and forgive others. Even if it sounds as though the trauma didn’t involve another person bringing harm, there may still be a need forgive self, or even God.

If there is more than one trauma, and sufficient time, we can address others. Sometimes a person will recall other traumas later on, and these can be dealt with in due course.


3 thoughts on “Understanding & Ministering in Situations with Trauma”

  1. Hi,
    I have read your Blog on Trauma and I have had several car crash ( I was a passenger), divorce, abuse physical by mom & husband ( hitting me), my father just passed and I am having money problems. My mother is taking my 17 daughter to court over some land that her Grandfather & Grandmother left her. Can you send me the prayer to be released from trauma.
    Thank you,

      1. Hi Nancie, I would like to receive a prayer for freedom from trauma. I have had many traumatic situation from a young age. Thanks

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