Using Deliverance Tools In An Existing Ministry  

People who serve in an existing prayer ministry such as altar ministry, generally ask what the person approaching them wants prayer for. Most prayer ministers will just pray for that and be done with it. Let’s go a little deeper. Audibly or silently ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Ask Him to speak and guide the conversation.   

We know that many (not all, but a good many) troubles that we are asked to pray for have some sort of demonic component, however small. Demons can cause sickness when they have an entry point, often having to do with a strained or damaged relationship or feelings of fear worry or anxiety.

Consider asking if the person can recall anything happening in their life around the time that the trouble started. Listen carefully. Try asking…

What’s been going on in your life lately?

When did this trouble start?

Did any changes take place in your life when this started
to trouble you

Did you notice anything happen in any personal relationships,
or with your relationship with God?

Have you noticed any persistent thoughts that come to mind that could interfere with your being in a place of peace and rest (fear, worry, stress)?

Consider the possibility of curses from others, especially if there are any relationships which are not in a healthy condition, or the person is in a healing, discipleship or prayer ministry.

Speak authoritatively to any spirits that could be causing this problem, or any that the Holy Spirit shows you.

Speak to the illness, affliction or problem, and order it to leave, speak to the situation, telling it to obey the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus.

Priority #1 when praying for personal needs is to listen to the Holy Spirit. That said, sometimes keeping in mind some basic deliverance principles can be quite helpful.

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