What Are Witchcraft Dreams?

Witchcraft dreams reveal the presence of witchcraft in your life. It’s a warning or heads-up from the Holy Spirit. Certain things will appear in the dream, and certain things will happen. This is how you know it’s a witchcraft dream. So let’s get into specifics.

Witchcraft Alert!

First, what do witchcraft dreams mean?

When you have a witchcraft dream, the Holy Spirit is alerting you there is witchcraft activity somewhere in your life. This could mean a few things. Maybe you have occult items in your home, or are unknowingly involved in occult practices. The roots of some modern spiritual practices go back to occultism, so you need to be discerning about what you get involved in spiritually. Some occult practices have even made their way into the Christian church in ‘Christianized’ forms, so we all need to pray for spiritual discernment.

After taking stock of your own spiritual life and the items in your home, you might judge that you yourself aren’t involved in witchcraft. In that case it could be someone around you, someone in your family or circle of friends. Start talking to your family and friends about it.

It’s unlikely the Holy Spirit will alert you to the witchcraft of strangers in your vicinity, your neighborhood, and so on. But I suppose it’s possible. If you’re incredibly sensitive spiritually, maybe you will pick up on more witchcraft activities than most. But don’t get too obsessed with sniffing out witches. Jesus Christ did give us the power to trample on the enemy, but He never told us to be obsessed with them. Balance is key. Don’t let the enemy deceive you into going on unneeded witch hunts.

One more possibility is the Holy Spirit alerting you that you’re being targeted by witchcraft. In this case, reform your life and stop walking in sin, and pray forgiveness for all witches targeting you. The Holy Spirit does not want us going on witch hunts. Remember that witches operate in covens, and individual coven members can be scattered all over the world. Physical distance is no obstacle in the spiritual realm, the realm where witches operate. So what are you going to do against an entire coven?

Remember that defense is the best offense against witchcraft. I give one more rundown of that below.

Murdered or Robbed in Your Dreams?

Now let’s talk about some specific events that happen in witchcraft dreams.

Do you know how people say you can’t die in your dreams? Well, you can get killed in a witchcraft dream. If you’re having dreams where people (or animals, monsters, etc.) are attacking you, chasing you, shooting at you, and successfully killing you, then these are witchcraft dreams.

This may sound like regular nightmares, but they are different. In a normal nightmare, if you’re about to “get killed” you wake up before that happens. In a witchcraft dream, you can be killed. But the dream will usually go on. I can tell you from experience that you will “come back to life” in the dream, and the scenario will repeat.

I can give you some examples of my own. I had a dream where I got shot to pieces by government forces along with someone else. The dream didn’t end before that happened, I remember seeing both of our bullet-riddled corpses. In this case, the dream ended here.

I had a dream where a person stabbed me in my own house. I heard them coming upstairs, saw them enter the room. I tried to keep them at bay with a long stick, but they managed to get around my guard and stab me. And then, the scenario repeated immediately. I was alive again, no wounds or anything. I heard this person coming upstairs again, and come in. Except this time I was armed with a nailgun, and I drove them off by firing nails at them.

I had a dream where two people broke into my house and robbed it, with the help of one more person who was already in my house. They beat up another person who was there in the house with me (not anyone I know in real life).

Do you see the common theme in these brief examples? It’s getting attacked, often in the sanctity of my own home. Getting shot at, getting stabbed, getting cornered, getting robbed. Anything like that.

If you have dreams where you get shot at, stabbed, chased, murdered, robbed, people breaking into your home, violence in your home, or other things like that, you are likely having a witchcraft dream. You need to pray to the Holy Spirit to make sure, to get an answer yes or no. But it sounds like a witchcraft dream.

Also note that animals can be the threat in these dreams instead of people. You can be chased and killed by animals instead of people, and that would still be a witchcraft dream.

Werewolves, Zombies, and other Ungodly Things

Dreams of supernatural creatures like werewolves and vampires can also be witchcraft dreams. But keep in mind that your dreams are very easily influenced by the entertainment you consume, so having a dream of werewolves (etc.) isn’t a surefire diagnosis of witchcraft dreams.

Of course the note about your dreams being influenced by your entertainment is important. Always keep that in mind.

Occult creatures such as werewolves, vampires, zombies, and any other thing like that are abominations to the LORD. If you dream of things like that, it could very well be a witchcraft dream. People turning into animals is enough to qualify, since that’s some Obeah (witchcraft) stuff.

As recently as last week I had a dream with werewolves. I was in a group of people, and one person started turning into a werewolf. I called out to God in this dream, praying that this person would stop turning into a werewolf and be healed. But “God” did answer me in the dream, saying something like ‘it has to be this way.’ And the person turned into a werewolf. And then everyone else in the group of people were werewolves except me.

Well, the LORD would never say that, nor would He turn anyone into a werewolf, because that’s an abomination unto Him. So I knew when I woke up I knew this was a witchcraft dream.

Occult Altars, Demonic Runes, Vile Rituals …

Finally, a witchcraft dream may contain blatantly obvious signs. Be grateful when the Holy Spirit speaks so clearly. If you dream of occult altars, rituals, sigils and runes, power circles, any witchcraft paraphernalia, or even a sacrifice or ritual itself, then that’s a witchcraft dream!

When you wake up, see if you can remember any details about where you saw these things. Were they in any locations you recognize? Probably not, but if so then you might have a clue where the witchcraft is happening. Or a false lead. Remember the devil and all his minions are tricky and always deceptive.

What to Do about these Dreams?

So let’s say you had a witchcraft dream. What should you do about it?

First, don’t panic, and don’t be afraid. Fear is a tactic and weapon of the enemy, and our LORD did not give us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). The Holy Spirit is alerting you to the presence of witchcraft activities in you life. Heed the warning, stay calm, and take action.

🔷 First, get in prayer with the LORD.

🔷 Pray for the spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit.

🔷 Ask God to show you where the witchcraft is in your life.

🔷 Look at all the items in your home, especially decorative items, statues, and so on.

🔷 Pray to the LORD asking if these things are witchcraft related or attracting demons.

🔷 Ask Him to knock these items down in your home, so you can recognize and get rid of them. He might not knock them down in response, as you asked, but He will give you some sign that you will recognize.

Pray to the LORD asking if any spiritual practices you’re involved in are actually Christianized versions of occult practices. Some denominations have this problem more than others. The main point is to pray: Pray to the LORD for Him to reveal to you any thing or activity that’s a problem. Involvement in witchcraft and the occult, intentional or not, will attract demons into your life. If the Holy Spirit alerts you to it, you need to root it out.

If you’ve prayed and prayed, but still can’t see the witchcraft in your own life, then it’s time to talk to your friends and family. Pray for insight into them too. Don’t go on accusatory witch hunts—this plays right into the devil’s hands. Remember that he wants to divide us, and keep us divided. Sometimes Christians get involved in witchcraft without knowing what they’re doing. Be discerning, understanding, and forgiving, but also be thorough and make sure you remove the witchcraft. 

It’s very unlikely the Holy Spirit will alert you to some stranger’s witchcraft going on in the general area. More likely, you’ll be alerted to something happening around you, happening in your circle. Because that’s something you can take care of.

Once you’ve detected the problem, it’s time to take care of it. If it’s an occult object or practice on your part, you can get rid of it, then repent to the LORD for your mistake, even if you didn’t know what you were doing. But if you judge that there’s no witchcraft involvement on your part, then you may be under attack.Witchcraft attacks are spiritual, so you must battle them in the spiritual realm. Nothing else will work. Remember the core fundamentals of spiritual warfare: Ephesians 6:12 and 2 Corinthians 10:4-6.

(12) We aren’t fighting against human enemies but against rulers, authorities, forces of cosmic darkness, and spiritual powers of evil in the heavens.

Ephesians 6:12 (CEB)

(4) Our weapons that we fight with aren’t human, but instead they are powered by God for the destruction of fortresses. They destroy arguments, (5) and every defense that is raised up to oppose the knowledge of God. They capture every thought to make it obedient to Christ. (6) Once your obedience is complete, we are ready to punish any disobedience.

2 Corinthians 10:4-6 (CEB)

Our fight is not in the physical, and we don’t fight with physical weapons. We need to remember this, all the time. If you’re under witchcraft assault, only spiritual warfare using prayers empowered by Christ will help.

Remember these things ….

⚠️ The LORD will protect you if you call out to Him.

⚠️ Let Him take care of the witchcraft.

⚠️ Remember that the LORD will allow witchcraft to harm you if you are walking in sins that you won’t give up, or are being unfaithful somehow.

⚠️ Defense is your best offense here!

⚠️ Forgive all the witches acting against you, pray blessings on them, reform your life, turn away from sin, and repair your faithful relationship to God. If you do, the curses will bounce right back on to the witches.

The fastest way to clear up witchcraft in your life? Clear up your sins. In most cases, sins are why God drops His protection in the first place. But pray for the spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit to get to the bottom of your own case.

And pay attention to witchcraft dreams! Dreams can give much wisdom and guidance, hints about what to do next or warnings of something coming up. They can also be used by the enemy, to mislead us. But let me tell you from experience, witchcraft dreams really stand out. If you have one, you’ll know. They’re not like any other dream you might have.

Pay attention to the symbols, events, people, and locations you see in your dreams. All these things may be the Holy Spirit trying to tell you something. We need to be listening. Make sure to pray every day, and pray about the dreams you have. They could be more important than you think.


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  1. hi im martie
    i had a dream of being at a house in the woods,i did not know whoes house it was but there was an old woman staying there.Than suddenly a car full of woman appeared also unknown me and the old lady went to the stoep to see who it was and than she said i dont know them are they with you and i said no,2 of them came to where we were standing and greeted us.The next thing i saw the old lady struckling with the one lady and than the next one went to help but i was sitted on the wall and wanted to get of to help the lady thats when one came for me,and than i felt scared but something said pray call on the lord they feed on your scaredness,i started praying and as i prayed the person next to me wanted to touch me and put someting on me but it did not work cause she told the other one that its not working on her and than she touched me again and wanted to grap me but i sad there looking at her and prayed,i could see her eyes becoming black but i kept on praying and she screemed and said this one is strong lets go leave them than i woke up.
    than i dreaemed again this time in another house how i together with other people was atacked i fought like there was no tomorow and they disapeared,so its confusing i really dont know but i know somewhere someone is busy with me but God is protecting me.
    i than had another dream 2days after of swiming in a pool with people and and there were someone that wanted to put a ring in my finger and than i ask him so you dont see im married you want to marry ontop of my marrage than he put the ring on my sisters finger,believe me the next morning i had a fallout with our farm workers girlfriend.so i dont know if there is a connection.

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