What Can We Do With A Demonized Son or Daughter?

We have been getting inquiries about what can be done in a situation where a son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc. appears to be under some kind of demonic oppression. This could involve witchcraft, addictions, violence, deception or other troubles that disrupt the family or families involved. There are a few general principles that can be used as a rough guide.

1] Show much love to the person, in every way. We don’t need to agree with their actions to show great love. God is love, and the Holy Spirit can help us show God’s love, which is the fruit if the Spirit.

2] Mobilize much prayer from concerned relatives and friends. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth and set them free. Pray that as the Prodigal Son realized what he had done, so this wayward one would do likewise. See Luke 15:11-32 and John 16:8

3] Using the authority of Christ, bind the effects and silence the voice of the spirits involved (Mat. 18:18). This is best done by a mother or father (together when possible), but more people can certainly become involved. Those with much experience in these kinds of situations, like Win Worley and Gene Moody, advise that in their experience binding does not have long term effects, and should be engaged in daily.

4] Do not give up! Review Luke 11:5-10 and Luke 18:1-8, both of which remind us that tenacity is key to seeing breakthrough.

5] Ask the Holy Spirit for ideas and strategy – after all, He is the one that has all the answers.

What do you think? How have you seen the Lord set a prodigal free?

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