What Do We Do Before We Pray?

When approached by someone for prayer or deliverance, I’d usually listen to what they said, quickly listen to the Lord, and then pray. Now I usually do three things before I speak to the problem or pray:

1]  Give thanks to God for his blessings, for the victory of Christ, for the opportunity to bring another  person to him for help, and anything else that comes to mind.

2]  Ask God to send a powerful move of the Holy Spirit to help us, and make the person whole. For many angels to help us and protect us as we work. For revelations and guidance from the Spirit.

3]  I bind & silence all spirits that do not worship & serve the Lord Jesus Christ, forbidding them to interfere in any way. Any spirits that are present without legal rights are sent away, all spirits that have a right to be present are told that they are legally required to obey us, and all spirits are notified that outside help is not permitted.

I believe that this approach, guided by the Holy Spirit, gives much advantage and blessing. What do you think?

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