What Do We Do In Deliverance?

It seems good to write briefly about what we do in deliverance. We have talked with people who have had bad experiences with deliverance ministries. These experiences can drive people away from a ministry that they need. Our approach is different from some others.

Our #1 priority is to love people and help them. Not to make a name for ourselves, not to look or sound a certain way like someone else. Our focus is on the person we are helping and on the Lord Jesus, the Deliverer.  We avoid flakiness and unnecessary noise and commotion.

We pray with the person, talk, listen and hear what has happened in the person’s life, and what they are dealing with now. We can see where there are areas of personal hurt and oppression. We discern what God is saying about how to pray and speak in the Spirit.

We enable a ‘prayer conversation’ about things that need to be renounced, people who need to be forgiven or decisions that need to be made about how to live free, forgiven and healthy.

There are usually areas of one’s life that are uncomfortable to deal with, but we show love and respect, grace and truth. We are like midwives who enable the Holy Spirit to show the person what needs to be done, and we help the person to take steps to freedom.

We take time to point out what needs to change in the person’s life so that they can stay free and live closer to Christ. Our emphasis is, as the Word says, encouragement, building up, comforting. The Holy Spirit always surprises us by what He reveals about the situations that come up, and how to address them.

Yes, we do need to speak directly to the demonic, sometimes sharply or at length; yes, we do need to point out areas of a person’s life that need change; yes, we need to speak the truth in love, sometimes correctively; but always in the context of love and care. We do not focus on the demons themselves, or on manifestations. As Neal Lozano says, in his book Unbound, deliverance is not about the demons any more than the Exodus was about Pharaoh.

Many people can benefit from a session of deliverance, but it is important to find the right ministry to work with. Your questions and inquiries are always welcomed.



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