What Do We Mean By Inner Healing?

Inner Healing is a term that covers many different approaches of helping people deal with spiritual and emotional struggles and bondages. People have expressed concern to us about what we mean or what we do. This post will clearly answer that question.

Most people that we meet with have undergone some kind of trauma or abuse, or a lack of love and care, typically in a difficult relationship. Clearly there is a need for healing, and we will help the person to understand the situation(s) involved more clearly, and forgive anyone who has hurt them.

We have occasionally encouraged the person to visualize the one who has hurt them at an earlier time in that person’s life, rather than at the time of their greatest struggle. This will sometimes help the forgiveness to proceed more easily. But this is as far as we have gone in the way of visualization. After forgiveness has taken place, we pray for healing of all past traumas or troubles, as God leads us. People report to us that deep healing and blessing take place with this approach.

Some deliverance ministers will have the afflicted person visualize past situations or events at length, or bring a mental picture of Jesus into past situations, or picture the Cross or the Holy Spirit in the person’s past. We don’t get into these kinds of visualizations, preferring to keep things simple and not get into a realm that could be considered as heading towards New Age or other debatable practices.

We take up this issue in our interactive Facebook  group, MFM Deliverance Discussion. Feel free to comment here or there.

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