What Does The Bible Teach About The Demonic?

This brief post will highlight two books that seem me to be the most thorough and exhaustive ones for giving a biblical foundation for deliverance. There are others that make frequent references to biblical passages, but these two are the most thorough, especially in the N.T..
*** Peter Horrobin: Healing Through Deliverance, 2nd edition, 2008. Horrobin has been ministering and teaching deliverance for over 30 years. He is not very well known in this country since he is based in England. The revised edition is very thorough (500 pages) and consists of two sections. Part 1: Foundations for Deliverance Ministry, which studies Scripture in depth as to the issues of spiritual warfare and deliverance, the ministries of Christ and the apostles, and their teachings. Part 2: The Practice of Deliverance Ministry, which studies many different aspects and settings, with many examples from Horrobin’s own 30 years of ministry in England. Not cheap or an easy read, but highly recommended by Derek Prince, Peter & Doris Wagner among others.
*** Ed Murphy: Handbook for Spiritual Warfare, Revised Edition, freshly available in paperback. Another 500 page book, this one by a missionary, seminary teacher and deliverance minister. His examination of the biblical data rightly begins Genesis three, and goes very deep into the N.T. He also very helpfully examines the believer’s warfare in the flesh and the world. He also goes heavily into an area that leads to much demonization – child abuse in its many forms, as well as DID/MPD and other mental health conditions. Highly recommended by Peter Wagner, Frank Peretti and Jack Hayford, among others.
Either of these books would give you a thorough grounding in the biblical perspective on warfare and deliverance, though Horrobin includes much a more in-depth examination of actual deliverance practice, so if you couldn’t buy both I’d recommend Horrobin. In either case, make sure that you get the Revised or Second editions,

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