What Is The Goal of Our Ministry Pt. 2 of 2

As I said in my last post, knowing one’s goal for ministry is not a small thing. If our goal, even subconsciously, is to make a name for ourselves or to be able to tell thrilling stories of our power over the demonic, we will miss the bigger picture, and grieve the Holy Spirit. What I write today applies to when we have time for in depth ministry. Situations where time is limited will be dealt with in our next post.
Nancie and I feel very strongly that, as Christ did, we need to put the person first – not their afflictions of spirit, soul or body. Again quoting Neal Lozano, deliverance is no more about demons than the Exodus was about Pharoah. We don’t put our own ministry considerations first, or what might be easiest for us, or what might provide the most dramatic story of deliverance.
We look to the example of Christ, who was a listener, who asked questions, who was willing to be interrupted, who had compassion on hurting people, and who took the time to care for their needs. We ask questions, we pray, we listen to the Holy Spirit, asking how the Lord wants to bless and make the person whole.
We ask, “How did this person come to need our ministry? What have they been through that has left them hurting or damaged, leaving footholds or openings for the enemy to latch onto? What are the strongholds that need to be addressed so that this person can be set free and healed? What kind and combination of ministry (prayer, warfare, teaching, healing, counsel, deliverance) will bring wholeness and healing to this one?”
This will take time and patience, but when we see the obvious relief and change show on a person’s face as they experience freedom, and we hear them describe how they feel so peaceful, it is well worth it. Focus on the person and how God wants to heal them and set them free, and both you and those you help will be blessed, and God will be glorified.

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