What Is The Goal of Our Ministry?

Jesus asked a lot of questions during his ministry. Anyone who teaches knows value of questions. A good question can elicit a good, helpful answer. Today I am asking a basic question. What actually is our goal?
     If the goal of our ministry is to cast out demons, that is not too difficult to do. I have been casting out demons for a long time. But that might not bring lasting change to a person. He may end up seven times worse off (cf. Mat. 12:43-45). But many ministries seem to be content with this, even though it may be all that can be done in some situations.
     Neal Lozano, who has spent decades casting out demons and doing extensive deliverance training, gives us a very provocative thought in his book Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance, a book recommended by Randy Clark. He says: “Deliverance is no more about the devil than Exodus was about Pharaoh.”
     If we focus on demons we can miss the bigger picture – whether the person has actually been helped. Is the person more healthy and whole? Are they better able to give and receive love? Have we helped them to become freer from issues that have plagued them and held them back from serving God and others?
     If we assume that expelling demons automatically makes everything better, we may be puzzled if things are actually not much different in the days and weeks after our ministry to them. They may get temporary relief, but it may not last.
    So, please take a moment to ask yourself – “What Is The Goal
of My Ministry?“
We will continue this thought next time.
Stay tuned….

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