What Is Total Healing?

As important and helpful as deliverance is by itself, we prefer to focus on total healing for the whole person. Not just evicting demonic oppressors, as important and helpful as that is.  Not just healing of a physical affliction, as helpful and amazing as that is.

We look at the whole person, and ask ourselves and the Lord, “What can we do to help this person to be made whole, able to give and receive love, able to  be a positive witness to the transforming power of Christ?” It takes a different approach from that taken by many deliverance ministries. Let’s take a look…

We usually start off with some important aspects of healing and wholeness that are often overlooked. We always include a time of extending forgiveness to any who have hurt or offended the person, to heal damaged emotions stemming from difficult situations or relationships. This often extends to forgiving oneself, which sometimes brings physical healing all by itself.

We include repentance for, and renunciation of, any practices or habits, past or present, that are known to provide a foothold for the enemy. We often see believers who have a history of involvement in the occult, false religions or witchcraft, or other practices that open doors for enemy oppression. Dealing with these also gives more wholeness.

We usually spend time praying over traumas, hurts or other emotional wounds that can prevent healing, wholeness and freedom from spiritual oppression. This prayer time often releases more healing and wholeness. The person usually looks, sounds and feels very much better by this point, feels a lot of freedom and restoration, and we have not even started the deliverance part yet.

Once we take care of these areas, the actual deliverance process usually goes pretty smoothly.  Followed by more prayer and encouragement, we see that the person’s entire life has been impacted. Emotional, spiritual and physical healings appear in different ways, as the Holy Spirit works.

Memories and social encounters no longer arouse resentments or pain. The person is usually better physically too, though that sometimes takes a while to show up. We aim at ministering to the whole person, and seeing wholeness in every part of their life.

That is why we call it Total Healing. We not only practice this, we teach it. Questions? Contact us!

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