What Kinds of Trainings Do We Do?

We offer workshops on spiritual warfare and healing & deliverance. Here is an outline for one that we are planning now in Massachusetts. If you are interested in a customized training, email me at bruce.training (at) gmail.com

Deliverance Workshop Summer 2019 – Multiplying Freedom Ministries
General overview of topics, subject to the needs of a particular group and the Spirit’s leading

Introduction to Deliverance, its relationship to spiritual warfare, physical healing,
inner/emotional healing and overall wholeness. Our part in the process.

The role of the demonic in afflictions of body, soul, heart, spirit; how some of these overlap.

How Christians can be affected in various ways by demons

Signs of possible demonic oppression

Ourselves and our approach. Love, grace, truth, care, compassion.  The role of counsel and teaching, listening and discernment. Overview of our weapons of warfare

Ground rules for those desiring help: Saved, Surrendered, Repentant, Forgiving, Trusting

Examining various entry points, open doors, gateways for oppression, including trauma, sin,
relational troubles, the occult, hurt/bitterness, rejection, soul ties, witchcraft, generational factors, curses, unforgiveness/offence/judgment, substance abuse, others. (major, detailed section)

Various difficulties encountered in deliverance, and ways to approach them

House Cleaning – Self deliverance, cleansing of houses

Deliverance as a process. Why might a person not be completely delivered quickly & easily.

Examining a relaxed, focused deliverance session – Dialogue, counsel, teaching, discernment, confession, renunciation, closing doors, dispatching demons, counsel and exhortation for keeping the freedom intact, setting up post-deliverance care and accountability. Any of these can take place in a different order or take varying amounts of time as the Spirit leads.

Avoiding post–deliverance backlash for all participants.

Follow up pastoral care and accountability, via small group, church body, or close relationship.

Mass deliverance session for the group

Questions and answers, and closing prayer time

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