When Is Someone Ready For Deliverance?

There are two main indicators that can tell us when someone is ready. First, does the person know that they have a problem, and do they desire to be set free? This is the most important aspect. Second, will they work with us and follow our direction in the deliverance process so that they can be set free?  The second is more problematic for some people, since it involves letting someone else into spaces in their lives that are very private, but which are important to deal with. This is because these areas are often latched onto by the Enemy, who will make trouble until these areas are dealt with in the Spirit.

Many practitioners would say that a person should be willing to follow their lead in these areas:

1]  Answer even very personal questions openly and honestly. It is common for the Holy Spirit to reveal things that the person never talked to anyone about. But this is so they can be set free.

2]  Be prepared to address any habits or attitudes that do not please the Lord, to repent of them, and renounce them forever. This is critical for freedom.

3]  Address any past or current relational difficulties and be willing, if necessary, to forgive anyone for anything that they may have said or done. This includes emotionally releasing them from any expectations and blessing them, even if they have been deeply hurt by this person. Again, this is critical for freedom.

4]  Be willing to follow our guidance if, during prayer, if we ask them to repeat a spoken prayer or affirmation after us, to renounce some attitude or practice that comes up during prayer, and otherwise trust us during the process.

If this all seems too overwhelming, then it is usually best to postpone deliverance until they feel ready. But… the person may be open to special counseling and teaching to help them see why these components are so important, and can prepare them for deeper ministry.


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