When One Is Possessed With Another Person’s Spirit

There was this occasion about 15 yrs ago, we were having a deliverance prayer. We were holding hands while praying. All of a sudden a woman began manifesting a demon, and was growling like an animal. I commanded the demon to tell me his name; and what happened next shocked me in amazement.

The demon in the woman named a prominent pastor in the city as the demon’s name. (This happened while in Miami Florida).

While in Albany, Georgia, I was teaching on demonic influence, and a woman approached me after class, asking for counseling. So, a team of us went to her house and began to pray for her. While praying, she manifested, and I asked the demon to tell me his name. She looked at me and her face changed, and the demon spoke these exact words: “Nigger what you doing in my house”?

After we dealt with that spirit, we concluded that, that was the voice of her husband, speaking through her. They were separated, but he continued to visit her in her sleep for sexual encounters. THAT WAS NOT HER HUSBAND !!!

What am I trying to say?

Both of these women were possessed by the supposed spirits of men that were in their lives. How could this be when these men were still alive?

I concluded that the human spirit of these men were mimicked by familiar spirits, while possessing these women. These women then took on the character and mannerism of the men. In other words, they were possessed by demons imitating those men.

I felt a strong impression to post this information. Many men and women are having wars of an enemy that’s mimicking someone else: and these demons are not who you think they are.

This is my point: An ungodly union of any sort will attach itself to you.

This is how cults become so strong, because one man’s power and influence is backed by spirits that binds, thus turning the entire group into one deceptive cause. The human spirit of the leader radiates a magnetic pull, that lures people in, and bind them like a spider’s web. Entire organizations are bound like this. Even some churches are totally bound, all because of the leader’s human spirit is possessed.

When we prayed for the two women above, we had to call out the names of the men that had them bound, then cut the spiritual ties. Only then did they become free.

You can’t follow any and everybody. Relationships, before fully committing, must be fasted over, and prayed over until an answer as to who this person is, is revealed.

In these last days; false Christ’s and false prophets shall abound, and deceive many. They will perform great signs and wonders. The magnetic pull of these people, or should I say false anointing, will lure simple and gullible people to them like flies…….. then you will take on their spirit.

Be very very very careful who you attach yourself to, less your mind becomes someone else’s mind, and you are possessed with their spirit.

By Vinson Spann

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