Why Are Some People Troubled After Deliverance?

There are two main reasons why someone who has  received deliverance ministry might be troubled. I will deal with two of the more common causes.

1]  It is commonly thought that deliverance is usually a quick and uncomplicated process, and we thank God that many times it is. But practitioners know that some cases will show quick, easy progress for a time, but also reveal deep, complex issues that will need to be handled at a later time.

Each person is different, and every deliverance session is different, and once the session starts many surprises can occur. We give thanks to God for all of the deliverance that goes quickly and smoothly, but we know that that many cases will best be handled by having several meetings, and dealing with one aspect or another over time.

2]  Another common reason why someone can feel troubled after a deliverance is that the enemy will not give up the ground that he used to control. He will try any tactic to find a weakness that he can exploit. Old thoughts and temptations will be thrown at the one newly freed from oppression. Already difficult relationships can flare up and worsen. Temptations for sin, anger, bitterness, negative or hurtful words, or other spiritually harmful habits can open doors for enemy assault, with serious consequences.

If the person gives in and grants the enemy the smallest foothold, oppression can start to return., and with it, all sorts of emotional, physical and spiritual troubles. For this reason we offer a one page reference sheet called Maintaining Your Freedom to help people to hang onto the blessings that came through ministry time. Drop me an email and I’d be glad to send you a copy in PDF.



2 thoughts on “Why Are Some People Troubled After Deliverance?”

  1. I saw your Ministry on someone’s FB post. Could you please send my a copy of Maintaining Your Freedom. Thank You.

  2. Hello, I just received deliverance. It was like I took a backseat to it all & could not control how I was acting during the process. Right after I received deliverance I started to feel angry and agetated at everything and every one. I did not expect to feel this way after I have been set free. Do you have any advice or knowledge on why I may be feeling this way? I would also ask that you please send me your PDF on how to maintain your freedom. Thank you for your time.


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