Why Consider Inner Healing And Deliverance?

People sometimes ask us why people should consider inner healing and deliverance. Many in the churches are puzzled by healing and deliverance ministries, associating them with lots of shouting, carrying on and embarrassing scenes. Our approach is very different.
We arrange a time when we can meet alone in a relaxed setting. We spend time getting to know the person, their life and experiences. We are caring and compassionate, and always minister in grace. We look deeply at their experiences, hurts and troubles. Our experience allows us to see what sorts of spiritual and emotional difficulties the person has. Our ministry of prayer and caring has helped many experience freedom and release from all sorts of troubles.
Many people wonder about whether Christians can be affected by demons. We do not teach that a born again person can be controlled by them, but we would say that a person can place themselves in a position where, by sin and disobedience, they in effect are opening a door to the enemy to affect them.
In recent years, even leaders like Charles Swindoll have recognized this, writing in his book Demonism, “If a ‘ground of entrance’ has been granted the power of darkness (such as trafficking in the occult, a continual unforgiving spirit, a habitual state of carnality, etc.) the demon(s) sees this as a green light — okay to proceed. … I have worked personally with troubled, anguished Christians for many years. On a few occasions I have assisted in the painful process of delivering them of demons.”
Many people in our churches struggle with relational problems that can range from marital or parenting troubles to difficulty maintaining healthy relationships at church, or experiencing difficulty giving or receiving love. This can result from difficult relationships growing up, whether in one’s family or elsewhere. Healing prayer can allow the person to forgive others that have hurt them, and release the hard feelings that they have carried all these years. This often releases deep healing of thoughts and feelings, and sometimes physical healing as well.

Some have had past involvement in New Age or occult practices, perhaps many years before. These can cause trouble with sleeping, concentrating, praying and Bible reading, or interpersonal problems. Focused prayer times can bring repentance for pursuing spiritual paths that God warns against. Since non-Christian spiritual paths often invite demonic oppression, we take the time to address any oppression that is present in a low-key way, so that the person’s mind and spirit are clearer.

Others find themselves in the bondage of deep habitual sins, and have found it impossible to break away from them. In cases like these, we help the person to face the facts, that these habits can only be broken by deep repentance and forsaking of sin, and a renunciation of all spiritual oppression. As sins are confessed and forsaken, deep emotional and spiritual restoration takes place. Deep bondages of this sort are very common in Christians, and usually accompanied by demonic oppression, which we deal with matter-of-factly.

Our approach breaks bondages, heals traumas and bitterness, evicts demonic oppression, with the aim of restoring the person to wholeness. We are very different than old fashioned deliverance ministries. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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