Why Do We Call For Angelic Help?

When we are doing spiritual warfare or deliverance, we often ask the Father to send angels to help us and protect us. Yes, we have the Holy Spirit, but I am interested in getting all of the help available. Heb. 1:14 says that part of the work of angels is to help us. Here are a few ways seen in Scripture:

Dan. 9:20 – 10:19  Angels give revelation, fight the enemy

Elijah sustained  1 Kings 19:5-8

Apostles released from jail  Acts. 5:19, 12:7

Philip guided to the Ethiopian eunuch  Acts 8:26

Joseph was warned about danger  Mat. 2:13

Cornelius guided to call for Peter  Acts 10:3, 22

Angelic protection  Psa. 91:10-12

We can’t tell in advance how the angels will help us, but I want to take advantage of their help in any way God wills. Perhaps you will join us in this. What do you think?


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