Why Is Freemasonry An Issue?

Freemasonry is a little-understood movement, worldwide in scope, and hugely influential. We need to be aware of it because if its destructive effects on many individuals and families. This overview will be very brief, and give only the most essential information for those beginning in deliverance. There is much more information that is helpful and important, but here we will confine ourselves to issues of direct significance to deliverance ministry. More is available on our website and YouTube channel.    

Freemasonry has ‘lodges’ in most major cities and many smaller towns. It is a male-only fraternal organization that draws new members by its stated aims of encouraging charitable activities, fellowship, and a means of self-improvement. For our purposes, we will go over some of the basics of this group, and why we should be familiar with it.

Freemasonry portrays itself out as a welcoming, affirming group that honors God and does many good works. For example, the Shriners’ hospitals are well known, and Masons support other charities as well. Lodge meetings are held regularly and have a very ritualistic and religious character. North American Masonry requires belief in a supreme being, though it is made clear that in Masonry all religions are to be viewed as equal.

Many men join for a sense of belonging and purpose, as well as a belief, common to many other fraternal groups, that membership will be beneficial in business and other pursuits. This is not far from the truth, since it has been seen for many years that Masons are strongly represented in business, finance, government and all of the other power centers in the country. Masons look out for other Masons, and though outsiders are not generally aware, Masons and students of Masonry understand that Masonic connections can make business and legal dealings happen quickly and easily that might be slow or difficult otherwise.

The initial questioning should inquire about any ancestors involved in Freemasonry, DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, Shiners, Jesters, Eastern Star or Prince Hall, all of which are either forms of Masonry, or closely affiliated with it. We advise everyone who comes to us for help that if they have any European ancestry, that they should be a thorough renunciation as noted below, even if they have no known Masonic ancestry.

Masonry is a secret society, and entry level Masons are told very little about ‘the Craft’ unless and until they are among the select few invited to progress to higher levels, where the deeper (and the more esoteric & occultic) teachings are shared. This is one important reason why very few Masons know anything about the dark side of the Brotherhood. It is also easy to see why Masonry has a generally positive image for the public, since none of the dark side is ever revealed to them. So why do we write about them in a deliverance book? There are a three very serious issues to deal with that directly affect many of the people you’ll deal with.

First, there is a deep, evil occultism that is part of Masonry, carefully hidden from most Masons and the public. The name usually used for God is The Supreme Architect of the Universe. But… in the higher levels of Masonry, there is another name used for the supreme being that shows that Masonry is a distinct and separate religion – the name JahBulOn – Jah (Jahweh) Bul (Baal) On (Osiris, god of Egypt). This name is not widely used, but it clearly shows that Masonic worship is steeped in the occult, and constitutes a separate religion. This can affect the descendants of Masons for generations.

Second, There are deep, powerful curses and infirmities seen in Masons’ families and descendants, often bringing mental illness, cancers, eye troubles, heart disease, breathing problems, allergies, reproductive system troubles, learning disabilities, fears and many more. These can be seen in both the Mason himself, in his immediate family and in succeeding generations.

Third, there is a lot of sexual abuse of all sorts and of all ages in families with Masonry in the bloodline, and this can ripple through succeeding generations of families very dee[ply and secretly. This often results in intense traumas, dissociative disorders and related conditions, and a need for substantial amounts of inner healing. Many descendants of Masons have been abused as children and still suffer decades later.

Ministry to anyone with Masonic ties anywhere in the ancestral line should include a thorough Masonic renunciation using the extended form found at Jubilee Resources (see link below), as well as any physical or emotional healing needed for fear, rejection, abuse, trauma or infirmities.

Demons to consider: Abortion, child abuse, contentious, cranky, evil actions, fantasy lust, filthy minded, foolishness, hate, incest, lust, pedophilia, pornography, sexual deviation, sexual perversion, wounded spirit, death, despair, negativity, passivity, rejection, sorrow, suicide, woundedness.

Allergies, arthritis, asthma, bent body/spine, bleeding, cancer, chronic diseases, disorders, epilepsy, feebleness, fungus infections, hallucinations, hay fever, heart attack, infections, insanity, lameness, lingering physical trauma, lingering spirit, madness, mania, mental illness, oppression, paralysis, paranoia, physical disorder, retardation, schizophrenia, senility, sinusitis, spirit of death, torment, virus, weakness.

Here are links to some Freemasonry renunciation materials:


For additional reading, we recommend Selwyn Stevens’ book Unmasking Freemasonry – Removing the Hoodwink.





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