Deliverance Ministry

Although we are retired from individual one on one ministry, we are still available for group meetings to help others learn to set the captives free. If you have a group that is interested, contact us by email We are located in the West Palm Beach area of Florida.

Our approach to ministry is different than what people might expect. Our ultimate goal is the healing and wholeness of the whole person, not just expulsion of demons. We want to see people healed, free, able to have healthy relationships and be able to minister to others. This requires a different approach than what is usually expected from a deliverance ministry.

We teach inner healing to take care of emotional issues, and repentance and renunciation for sin and other spiritual issues. This provides healing and wholeness, and makes the eviction of demons much easier, since their legal rights to the person will be extinguished.

Our experience shows us is that most demonic oppression is the result of personal factors that allow demonic influences to affect a person slowly and subtly at first, and gradually affect them more deeply. These are most often called entry points or open doors, in that they provide a means for demons to enter a person’s life and oppress them.

If these are not dealt with early in the ministry time, clearing out the demons will be more difficult, and if not dealt with, oppression can quickly return through these entryways. For biblical insight on this, see Mat. 12:43-45.

If you are interested in more information about deliverance ministry, email us at

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