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Our approach to ministry is different than what people might expect. Our ultimate goal is the healing and wholeness of the whole person, not just expulsion of demons. We want to see people healed, free, able to have healthy relationships and be able to minister to others. This requires a different approach than what is usually expected from a deliverance ministry.

We don’t go after things on a ‘demons first’ basis, say a prayer and send the person off, unless there is no time to do otherwise. We are very pastoral, take our time, ask questions, listen closely, and see what this person has been through, what has troubled them over their lifespan, and what parts of their lives need healing.

When we are going to meet with someone individually we get a detailed intake form, which gives detailed history and background. We pray over this and get an idea of how we want to approach the person’s unique background, where they need healing and freedom.

We usually do inner healing to take care of emotional issues, and repentance and renunciation for sin and other spiritual issues. This provides healing and wholeness, and makes the eviction of demons much easier, since their legal rights to the person will be extinguished.

Our experience shows us is that most demonic oppression is the result of personal factors that allow demonic influences to affect a person slowly and subtly at first, and gradually affect them more deeply. These are most often called entry points or open doors, in that they provide a means for demons to enter a person’s life and oppress them.

If these are not dealt with early in the ministry time, clearing out the demons will be more difficult, and if not dealt with, oppression can quickly return through these entryways. For biblical insight on this, see Mat. 12:43-45. We’ll briefly sketch out the entry points below.

One need that is that is almost universal is helping the person understand the effects of relational trouble and the need to extend complete forgiveness anyone who has offended them, whether recently or not, and whether the events happened in one’s family, work or church.

We always address any traumas that the person has undergone, whether they come from accidents, abuse or other sources. We have seen that most people have undergone some sort of significant trauma which has affected the ability to form healthy relationships and help others. Healing prayer for these hurts releases a lot of healing and freedom.

We always keep an eye out for the presence of significant family troubles. These can be a tipoff to rejection, trauma, unforgiveness, or other troubles that need healing or repentance. We always take time for repentance and renunciation of any ongoing sin, or past or present occult/New Age involvement, ungodly soul ties, if any. Curses are another issue often overlooked, and we see much freedom and healing by going after them and breaking them off.

We take a look to see if there are any generational/ancestral issues that can open doors to current oppression, such as the presence of recurring addictions, sexual perversion or abuse, recurring traumas or accidents, involvement in Freemasonry or similar groups, witchcraft or the occult, or anything that the Holy Spirit points out.

Once we take care of these areas, the actual deliverance process can take varying lengths of time, as we evict any demonic entities that we have identified. We always have intercessors in prayer for us as we minister like this, so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. We finish with more prayer and encouragement.

We approach everything with grace and compassion, so that the person always senses the love of the Father. We always see that the person’s entire life has been impacted, amnd they feel more healed, whole and free.

A very important part of our approach, largely overlooked, is follow up. We recognize that lasting wholeness is only possible if the person is being faithfully discipled, and receiving quality pastoral care. We give the person materials for prayer and study, encourage them to make regular use of our website and YouTube page, and we stay in touch.

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