Deliverance Ministry

As the Gospels and Acts demonstrate, it is not uncommon for people to need freedom from various kinds of demonic oppression. In our experience, and the experience of our friends who do deliverance, this can include people who know the Lord and who desire to follow Christ.

When doing deliverance we usually find that there are personal issues involved like unforgiveness and bitterness, persistent sin, guilt and shame, curses or past traumas of different kinds. We don’t use formulas or rote approaches, but approach every person with care and compassion, grace and truth, while we discern how to set them free.

Sometimes the oppression can be quickly dealt with. Other times there might be a process of dialogue, prayer, teaching and counsel to set things right before we address the demonic. No two people are alike, so we always flow with what we sense that God is showing us, and how to bring freedom most quickly and thoroughly.

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