A New Interactive Study of the Book of Enoch

We are preparing a brand new interactive study of the Book of Enoch (technically referred to as 1 Enoch) to be held in person in the West Palm Beach area.

Enoch is important to those wanting to better understand the Bible, since it is quoted in the New Testament and gives additional information on passages in the Old Testament.

It gives important background on last days judgments, the doctrine of the afterlife, the role of angels and the origins of demons. It also gives background on the issue of genetically ‘blended’ life forms, sometimes called hybrids.

We will look at the book in depth, with an emphasis on its relation to the Bible and contemporary issues. Stay tuned for information on time and location.

You can take a look at Enoch and download it for free here:

Knibb’s translation of Enoch: tinyurl.com/mrpdj62t

Charles’ translation: tinyurl.com/4tfbf8ud

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