Soul Ties to the Deceased

Bruce and I have taught and written extensively on soul ties in the past but still we get many interesting questions. Recently we received a letter from a lady about demonic soul ties to a deceased godly husband of 18 years. It read,

A little background:

My husband of 18 years and father of our four amazing kids went home 12 years ago. At the same time, our beloved church was going through a difficult time that resulted in a church split. As a result, our grief for the lose of both became entangled. For years I knew we needed to counseling, however we found it difficult to get involved in another church and seek counsel, and counsel outside of church was cost prohibitive.

Two years ago, God lead us to our new church. This past March, I went through deliverance, and it is now crystal clear, that is what I needed, not counseling. I was finally set free from not only demons associated with grief and that time frame but also from childhood. Praise God!

My Question:  Is it absolutely necessary to get rid of everything my husband gave me?  He was the father of my children, and he was a Godly man that led our family well. We all look back on those years with fond memories and appreciation for his faithfulness and Godly example. Of course, I have given my wedding rings to my daughters, but why must I get rid of all the jewelry he gave me?  I’ve heard some say get rid of pictures, clothes, and other objects, but where does it stop, and what is the reason?  After all, most everything I see at this moment was purchased during our marriage and through his provisions. I can understand if it were a relationship of sin, but would God require the same breaking of all ties in the case of a marriage and season that was pleasing to Him?

Thank you for your time in answering,

L.C. (Edited to protect identity)

This is an interesting question on many different levels, and that will probably raise many more questions in your mind. First there is the question of Can you have a soul tie with the dead? Next you might ask, Are all soul ties bad or demonic? or Aren’t soul ties only about people that you had sex with? Please see my earlier Blog Post Soul Ties With The Dead to help answer some of those questions.

This is a much different type of soul tie, one to a godly spouse where the grieving process was compounded with other traumatic events such as a church split and the process (for whatever reason) was so long and delayed that it became a hot bed for demonic activity to develop.

My personal experience is very similar to the lady that asked the question. I lost my husband of 25 years, went through a church split, and lost a thriving family business all within a few months. The traumas combined were too much for my mind to handle. Over a period of a few years I totally shut down emotionally. I sunk deep into a place of grief and despair. Every demonic force from the pit of hell seemed to come against my life. I reacted poorly and basically shut everyone out of my life. My friends and even most of my family did not understand and turned their backs on me. I lost everything that I knew and called my life. I sunk deep in delayed grief for 10 years.  Today, I cannot say that all my relationships have all been restored. What happened then has affected my life forever, but the good news is there is hope and freedom available and just like the lady in the letter and my own experience, you can be set free from not only demons associated with grief and that time frame but also from childhood.

In order to sever these soul ties, I recommend our teaching on Severing Soul Ties and the worksheet Soul Ties Worksheet. Please note when breaking soul ties with a deceased person, you are only seeking to break any demonic soul tie with that person or anything that is tied into that place of grief, not all the good and godly memories, or basically anything that seems to tie you to the past and prohibits you from moving forth in your life.

Now, to finally answer the specific question that the reader asked, “Is it absolutely necessary to get rid of everything my husband gave me?”

Part of the process to release any soul tie is to get rid of anything that was given to you by a previous sexual partner or other person that you have a demonic emotional tie. This case is different, but I can only answer it out of my own experience. I do not personally believe that it is necessary to get rid of everything that the person gave you. In my own seeking, the Holy Spirit showed me that there things that had a strong sexual tie or anything that was given to me to perhaps manipulate my actions had to go. Objects of jewelry, artwork, pictures with family that brought healthy memories are still a big part of my life but that cute nighty he gave me had to go.


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