Inner Healing


Inner healing is a phrase that is understood very differently by different people; here we will explain our approach to it, since there can be disagreement on the proper approach to healing the heart and soul.

As we explained in the page titled Deliverance Ministry, we take a ‘whole person’ approach to those who come to us. We believe that many sorts of demonic oppression start off because hurts and traumas have opened up the person to the operation of demons. If we go after the demons without dealing with the underlying hurts, the demons will most likely return, with the person often in a worse state than before (see Luke 11:24-26).

Our approach starts with dialogue, so that we can get to know the person and understand their history. Aside from any trauma that may come up in discussion, tipoffs to other situations that may reveal healing needs could be the presence of rejection, addiction, emotional volatility, guilt/shame,  anger, and trouble giving or receiving love.

If we notice any of these, we will slow down and ask about how these developed or came about, to clarify how troubles or hurts have affected the person. If we see any history of trauma, abuse or troubled relationships, we know that there will be some need for inner healing. But we don’t go ‘fishing for memories’ or use visualization techniques to explore past events.

Whenever there is a situation where someone has troubled or harmed the person, we slowly lead them through a deep, thorough process of forgiveness, release and blessing, whether the hurt was deliberate or inadvertent, and regardless of howe long ago it was. If there is any sense in which the person has blamed God for anything that happened, or has developed self-blaming or self hate, we include forgiving God and/or self at this time. The forgiveness process often releases healing all by itself.

We ask the Father to bring healing to past situations, and we pray for the Holy Spirit to touch,  comfort and heal the heart and soul, thoughts, feelings and memories, but we don’t suggest that the person picture the situations or imagine Jesus in the scene. Practitioners such as Charles Kraft and Bethel Sozo are very comfortable with using various types of visualization, but we are not. Use of these practices can end up bringing things too close to certain New Age approaches for our comfort, and we feel that this can get things into risky territory.

When we see that there is a need for the person to receive a deeper touch of the love of the Father, we have them relax and we pray with them for a deep comforting touch from Him.

A thorough inner healing session takes time and patience, but when we see the obvious relief and change show on a person’s face as they experience freedom, and we hear them describe how they feel so peaceful, it is well worth it.

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