Free Deliverance Classes – Background and Details

Multiplying Freedom Ministries offers ongoing classes on current issues in spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance. Our goal is to equip individuals, ministries and churches for the practical work of setting people free.

Our classes run about an hour, and cover both foundational and more advanced topics. In recent months we have addressed everything from basic approaches to entry points and deliverance, all the way to dealing with trauma, abuse and dissociation, and exploring reasons why some are not healed.

Classes are held on Mondays at 7:00 PM Eastern Time in our Zoom room. When you log into Zoom or open the Zoom app, click on Join a Meeting, and enter the Meeting ID of 860 869 2768 (no spaces). The classes are free, and there is always opportunity for questions and dialogue

Our teacher is Bruce Gordon. Bruce has been teaching in churches and training ministry teams for over 30 years, including in Baptist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Episcopal and house churches. He has trained pastors and evangelists in India, Pakistan and Tanzania, coached church planters working in Europe and the Middle East, and seen his writings translated into Hindi and Swahili.

Bruce teaches in a practical, accessible and interactive style, and you are free to bring your most pressing questions. Hope to see you soon!

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