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How To Get Started With Our Ministry

Each day our ministry receives many cries for help from around the world, with most people finding us by using searching on Google, YouTube and Facebook. Some are coming to us after being referred by a friend or relative.

As we are unable to personally minister to everyone who comes to us, we carefully choose people that we believe would most benefit from our approach and style to healing and deliverance ministry. Since our requirements for personal prayer sessions has changed, we will give an outline of how we will be handling new requests for help.

First, we do not consider anyone that is currently working with another ministry. Our practices and approach may or may not differ from those of others, and it is quite possible the practices of another ministry may conflict with ours, or at the very least produce confusion. It would be like someone who wants to receive care from ongoing consults with two different cardiologists, and follow both of their recommendations. Sooner or later there will be conflicts or worse. If you are coming to our ministry for help, be prepared to start over, regardless of your previous history with deliverance in the past.

Second, a person must be willing to trust us and follow our recommendations. Many times we have had people that come to us be very quick to advise us how to minister to them, determining ways that they feel that they need or are familiar with. We are quick to say no in these instances. When we are able to help, the person must be ready to follow our guidance, especially when it differs from what they may have experienced before or heard about elsewhere.

Our approach has helped many people experience freedom, but the process will not work if someone wants us to include strategies that we are not using, or exclude steps that we feel are important. One of our distinctives is our conviction that true and lasting freedom can only come by means of a process of thoroughly dealing with the root causes of what is troubling the person. To benefit for our process, someone must be patient and willing to follow our direction.

To start complete our online prayer survey here. This survey is lengthy and will help us pray and determine if we believe we can help you in your situation. If you are seriously seeking freedom, you need to be through and honest. Take inventory and pray as you fill it out. Allow the Lord to help you take summary of your current situation.

After our team reviews and prays over the survey, we determine how we might be able to help. Please keep in mind that this could be anything from a simple email reply with some video links, or PDF attachments, all the way to a private meeting either in person or on Zoom.

We could talk more about our process, but this overview gives the most important things for someone to know about our process and how we decide who we can best help.

Feel free to email us with any questions at

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