Need Deliverance? Need Freedom?

There are many good ministries out there that specialize in leading people through deliverance prayers. We truly love to help people and want to see them set free from the bondage of the enemy. We use the Zoom platform so we can minister to you regardless of where you are located. Zoom is a free download.
To sum up our process, first fill out our online prayer survey here. Some questions may be hard but it is to obtain info as to what doors you may have opened in your life to give the enemy a way in to oppress you and cause havoc with your life.
After our team reviews and prays over the survey, we determine if we are a good match to be able to help your situation. If so, we proceed to scheduling an online appointment on Zoom with our team. We may schedule an online interview with you to discuss your deliverance prior to your actual deliverance. We may refer you to another deliverance minister if we see you may be a better match for them, with your approval.
During your deliverance appointment, which is could last anywhere from two to four hours, we lead you through prayers and renouncement of former unhealthy activity or generational issues that may have an affect on your circumstances today. If we feel there is demonic activity, we then proceed to cast these demons out and off of your life. This could take one session or several sessions depending on how you are feeling.
We do keep in touch and help disciple you through the process. If that is something that you think would help you, just fill out this form here.
We will be praying for you to find your freedom, whether we are involved directly in the process or not. The link to our form is here.
In closing, we know that many ministries charge for their services. We do not charge. Love offerings are appreciated but not never necessary. We endeavor to freely give what we have freely received from the Lord. All praise and glory to Jesus Christ. This is our link for donations if the Holy Spirit leads you to sow into our ministry. Donations

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