Training, Equipping & Teaching

We see training as an important part of our work. We love to minister to the afflicted, but we also want to see workers equipped and the numbers of deliverance ministers multiplied. We help people learn fairly simple principles and effective practices that they can use and pass on to others.

Jesus said that the workers are few, and Paul said that what we are taught should be passed on to others (Luke 10:2 + 2 Tim. 2:2). We use approaches like face to face meetings, workshops, phone and videoconferencing and written materials, as appropriate.

Teaching is an important and additional aspect of our equipping. One question we always keep in mind is, “How can we better understand the Kingdom of God, apply the teachings of Christ and make more of a difference in our world?” Bruce is known for helping people see more deeply into the life and teachings of Jesus, and how to live out daily what we see together.

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